Cervesa Xic

Versió catalana

La cervesera de Molí Xic is a craft brewery located in the heart of Penedès. This project was born in 2019 and after two years of reform and adjustment to regulatory level, opened its doors in November 2021.

The workshop is located within the walls of the artistic factory Molí Xic, an old paper mill, bought by a group of friends and community of French artists.

A part of the profits of the brewery is reserved for Moli Xic, which can participate in the renovation of this old mill and new artisanal and artistic complex.

Sebastien Bove is the master brewer and creator of this project, he has 10 years of experience in the domain and it will be a pleasure to share his knowledge through visits during the open doors that will be organized over time.

We currently have a brewing unit with a capacity of 300L which allows us to brew approximately 750L of beer per month. All our beers are bottled and labeled manually.

Six types of beers are produced throughout the year as well as our seasonal beers

*Simpaxic: Belgian Pale Ale.

*Torrelaxic: Belgian Amber Ale.

*Ipa Xic: Indian Pale Ale double dry Hopping Mosaic.

*Bixicileta: Belgian Witbier

*Neipa Xic: New England Indian Pale Ale with Maracuya.

* Lager BD: Lager infused with CBD

We sell our beer locally in the province of Catalonia.
We have a direct point of sale in our brewery.

Two formats of cerveza: Bottles of 33cl and Barrels of 30L

Fábrica de cerveza artesanal
Torrelavit, Alt Penedés, Barcelona
+34 632.38.75.48
De Martes a Viernes de 15h a 19h